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Brian Reynoso - The Wild Wanderer


Washington DC

Brian Reynoso is a fascinating guy with an insatiable thirst for exciting experiences. Take a look at his Instagram @youngsilhouette and you’ll instantly see what we mean. Characterized by their breathtaking portrayal of abandoned places, decaying buildings, and wild landscapes, Brian’s photographs instill a sense of wonder, urging you to get out and explore the unknown.

Working as a hospital corpsman in the Navy, Brian’s been to many interesting places. Wherever he goes, he seeks out adventure, scouring online forums and Google maps for fascinating spots. Finding them, he fearlessly treks out to capture locations almost no other human has seen.

A California-native, Brian is always on the hunt for clothes made close to home. He’s also a fan of simple, timeless styles, but to brave derelict buildings, rough backcountry, and the occasional ill-tempered security guard, Brian needs clothes that can keep up with him. This desire for durable, versatile, classically styled menswear led him to RPMWEST, and we’re honored to have him as an ambassador.

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