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Daniel Ernst - The World Traveler


Frankfurt, Germany

No two photos on Daniel Ernst’s Instagram are the same – his posts range from breathtaking mountains and waterfalls to serene pastures and beaches. While the landscapes in his photos can be drastically different, each one instills a sense of wonder, inspires a passion for nature, and makes you want to get up and explore the outdoors.

Daniel’s got an amazing sense of spontaneity. While other photographers will hike for a few hours to get a couple nature shots, that’s not how Daniel operates. He loves to trek through the wilderness for days at a time with no set plan, going wherever inspiration takes him. Traveling from Germany to New Zealand (and almost everywhere in between), Daniel’s braved bears and blood poisoning, but he’s not about to quit. He’s got an inspiring willingness to say yes to adventure, and we’re extremely grateful to have him on board as an RPMWEST Ambassador.

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