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Kendall Martin - The Man of Action


San Francisco, CA

Kendall Martin has known for a long time that he wanted a life full of adventure. It’s why he started taking photos and videos, and why he ended up working as a production artist at GoPro. A long-time fan of skiing, biking, and wakeboarding, Kendall got his start documenting action sports. This love of adventure eventually evolved into Kendall’s current style: adventurous nature photos with a unique sense of place.

Kendall wants to take photographs no one’s ever seen before. While some photographers keep busy shooting well-documented landmarks, Kendall explores the undiscovered, always trying to capture something new. His passion for finding beautiful and unexplored places has led him to hundreds of locations around his home in San Francisco, and now he’s turning his camera on the rest of the world. Whether his next adventure takes him to Thailand, India, or the Philippines, we’re happy to have him as an RPMWEST Ambassador.

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