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Mike Huarng – The Secret Celebrity


Ann Arbor, MI

Though most of his fellow medical students don’t know it, Mike Huarng is something of an Instagram celebrity. A few years ago, he started @marvaments, a collection of photos highlighting his passion for quality footwear, timeless basics, and raw denim. Mike’s a fan of well-constructed basics that continue to improve with age. Though he dresses a bit more formally during his time in the hospital, if you run into Mike on the street, chances are he’ll be wearing a versatile work shirt, selvedge denim jeans, and one of his (many) pairs of boots.

Mike’s incredible attention to detail can be seen through his deliberate and graceful composition with every Instagram post. He enjoys wearing a handful of brands known for their small-batch construction, but is always exploring small shops and finding new brands wherever his travels lead him. If you haven’t already, follow him @marvaments – he’s got impeccable taste, incredible talent with a camera, and we’re extremely proud to have him as an RPMWEST Ambassador.

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