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The Spirit Our Company Is Built On

Functional, minimal and durable. Our products are more than just great products, they are the next step in modern menswear.
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Think back to when you last dealt with something of quality, you recognized it immediately. Quality is something that is almost a rarity these days. Scarce in supply, but sacred and deeply appreciated when accomplished/attained. We created this company on that simple principle: “Quality Matters”.

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We wanted to make the simple things great again. We long for the days when you could buy a pair of jeans, a shirt, or jacket that lasts a quarter century, could withstand wash after wash, and stick with you through years of hard work, fun road trips and everything else in between.

“Real luxury is understanding quality, and having the time to enjoy it.” – G. Bruce Boyer

We make quality products, and we make them for men of character. Those who understand  quality and  appreciate the details we put into our products. We believe in standards across all facets. Our clothing is for the man who stands up for what's right, and who knows what sacrifice takes. We strive to exceed standards, make a difference, and bring the best American made products to the market. Our products are more than just great products, they are the next step in modern menswear. A reflection of our passion for useful, quality items that are reliable in every situation. To sum it up, products that last a lifetime.

The Interview

We are talking to Manuel Rappard to get discussed his motive and idea behind RPMWEST?

What does RPMWEST stand for?

The letters stand for Raw Progressive Menswear (RPM)

When did your interest in denim first come about?

My interest in denim started when I was 12 years old, in Germany. My mom was buying for my sister and I at a boutique in Germany, and they had Diesel products. I was fascinated with the Native American, so I convinced my mom to buy me a bunch of jeans at 12 years old. 

Where does your inspiration come from?

I think many different things inspired me to do the clothing that we currently produce. I think it's a spirit that my mom taught me and that my upbringing in Germany taught me; quality clothing, quality products. Something that has a purpose and something that can stand the length of time. 

What has been the biggest challenge so far?

Thinking big enough, you know, not getting caught up in the small things. Realizing that not everything is going to be perfect, being okay with that; but still always striving for this perfection. 

What is your favorite product?

I always wear jeans, I almost always wear the same jeans. I have like two or three rotating pairs of jeans even though I could have hundreds. I would have to go with jeans, just because thats where it all started. I think a good jean is something you can always wear no matter what.  

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