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What It Takes To Be A Navy Seal

Before we even began to consider the hellish training that ensues upon signing up to become a Navy SEAL, we must see if we pass the basic requirements.

Before we even began to consider the hellish training that ensues upon signing up to become a Navy SEAL, we must see if we pass the basic requirements.

Written by: Aaron Ruiz
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Basic Physical Requirements

Age: 18-28 (no younger and no older than that)

A U.S. citizen

A High school graduate (or be able to pass an HP3 test)

Eyesight being no worse than 20/70 in your better eye and the worse eye no more than 20/100. Color deficiencies require approval and both eyes must be correctable to 20/20.

If you past these basic requirements, then you may proceed to sign up for hell. Next comes the physical test

Swim 500 yards breast or side stroke 12:30 10:00 9:30
Push-ups in two minutes 42 79 100
Sit-ups in two minutes 6 11 25
Run 1.5 miles 11:00 10:20 09:30



Brief History

The SEALs were started back in 1962 by President John F. Kennedy to carry out small high impact missions that other branches, tanks, submarines, and jets could not do. SEALs quickly became and remain the SOC (Special Operations Command’s) force of choice among the Army, Air Force and Navy.

Welcome To Hell (aka BUDS training)

We wouldn't say this lightly, BUDS (which stands for Basic Underwater Demolition/SEALs) is hell on Earth. These seven weeks are nothing short of grueling, each day being more and more punishing both physically and mentally. Each week gets harder as you progress with more and more being demanded of you.


 During this first phase of BUDS training is when many begin to question themselves and whether or not they have what it takes. It's at this point that candidates began to fall away with whats called a DOR (Drop on Request). Those who survive will enter the 4th week; what's also known as Hell Week...

Welcome to Hell Gentlemen

Once Hell Week ensues, does the ultimate test begin. This is where the boys are separated from the men, and your physical and mental state is pushed to the limit. This is done for starters by giving each candidate about 4 hours or less of sleep each day, runs more than 200 miles, and extensive physical training for roughly 20 hours a day.....essentially a walk in the park.

Imagine a brisk 48 degree morning with brisk winds and waters even colder than that. Now imagine lying with your arms interlocked with others, with your heads facing the ocean, and waves crashing over your heads; boots soaked, shaking uncontrollably from the cold...all while doing flutter kicks. Hypothermia is expected, and actually considered a right of passage with SEALs.

If you're inclined to give it a try after reading this, or even want to just try a workout of theirs out, we've included that below. To sum it up, these soldiers are nothing short of badass hero's, we're proud to dedicate this article to them as well as all members of the military who've served and given their lives for us. 

Workout Like A Hero

Workout #1 (if you have a 20 pound weight vest, feel free to throw it on)

1 mile run

100 pull up's

200 push up's 

300 air squats

1 mile run

Part Two (20 ROUNDS)

5 pull up's

10 push up's

15 air squats

1 mile run


Workout #2 (10 ROUNDS FOR TIME)

100 meter sprint

10 pull up's

100 meter sprints

10 burpees


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