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Low-Population Destinations

Looking to get away from the busy bustle of the city? Sure, you could head out for a weekend camping trip, but sometimes you want to get a little further from civilization.

Written by Ben Deeb

Exactly how far away can you get? Unless you want to charter a boat to the middle of the Pacific (or find your way into outer space), the most isolated place on Earth is probably Bouvet Island. At 1,100 miles from the Antarctic coast and 1,600 miles from South Africa, Bouvet is likely the most remote uninhabited island on earth. Unfortunately, that can make getting there a bit of a problem (and a bit illegal, as the island is a nature reserve under the protection of Norway).

Tristan Da Cunha

A More Populated Adventure 

Luckily there’s another remote island around 1,000 miles Northwest of Bouvet that you can get to: Tristan de Cunha. Though the volcanic island doesn’t have an airstrip, you can always catch a deep sea fishing boat from Capetown. After seven or eight days on the open seas, you’ll be farther from the rest of civilization than you’ve ever been before. Be warned – Tristan doesn’t have a single hotel, restaurant, or nightclub – but by all accounts the island’s Albatross Bar is worth the trip.

Tristan Da Canhu

Remote Exploration in the US

If spending a week on a fishing boat to get a few days on a remote island with almost no amenities doesn’t sound like your idea of a good time, there are also some pretty isolated places in the United States. Looking for the only place in America where mail is still delivered by mule? Head for Supai, Arizona. At eight miles from the nearest road, the town is only accessible by hiking through the Grand Canyon (unless you happen to have a helicopter). If you end up in Supai, make sure to visit the Supai Lodge, a Havasupai Nation Museum, and the breathtaking waterfalls just a short hike away.

Lonely Lands of the West

Haven’t gotten your fill of unpopulated areas? Check out the least populated county in the US – Loving County, Texas. It’s got a total of 82 people in its 677 square miles, and boasts that not a single lawyer lives within county limits. Still too populated for you? Take a road trip to Monowi, Nebraska (pop: 1). There you’ll meet Elsie Eiler, the town’s mayor, bartender, and sole resident. Feel free to tell her we said hi.

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