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Pursuing the Perfect Knife

When I think about the perfect dinner party, I get a vivid image in my mind. I imagine a few good friends in the living room. They’re holding well-made cocktails and listening to vinyl records while I stand in the kitchen, meticulously chopping vegetables with my chef’s knife. We relax and catch up while I cook dinner, and before long we’re seated around the table, laughing and reminiscing over a home cooked meal.

Of course, it’d be easier to order take-out, open a few cans of cheap beer, and play some music from my phone, but that’d be missing the point. The best experiences in life exist in the journey, not the destination. Moments you remember are ones you create. It takes extra effort to prepare a meal, put a record on a turntable, and mix a perfect drink, but it’s worth it for that incredible feeling – the sense that you’re bringing your ideal experience to life.

We want to make those moments possible. Everything we create at RPMWEST is designed to help you forge unforgettable experiences. When we think about new products, we start with an image of that moment, and then find a way to make that moment a little more achievable.

When thinking about the perfect dinner party, we kept coming back to the knife. Perhaps the most important instrument in a chef’s arsenal, a good knife can work wonders. It’s integral to any kind of cooking and if well taken care of, it can last a lifetime. We knew what we wanted to create, now we just had to figure out how to make it.

Our quest to create the perfect chef’s knife has taken us down a long and winding path. We’ve researched knife styles from all around the world, spent hours interviewing professional chefs, and we even made a trip to the world’s premier knife factory in Germany. We’re committed to creating a knife like no other – one that’s versatile, durable, and beautiful – and we’re excited to share our journey with you.


Manuel Rappard, Founder of RPMWEST

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