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The Golden State

Everyone at RPMWEST loves to travel. Collectively, we’ve been to dozens of countries and explored almost every corner of the globe. But at the end of the day, we’re always happy to come home to California. While other places undoubtedly have great things to offer, none have the breadth and diversity of experiences that California does, and we’re proud to be based in such a spectacular state.

Land of Opportunities

California’s size alone is pretty impressive. At 163,696 square miles, it’s bigger than almost every European country. What makes it truly special, though, is how widely that space can differ. No matter what you’re looking for, California has it. Rolling hills and redwood forests? NorCal has you covered. Sunny beaches and palm tree-lined streets? The Southland’s the place to be. You can head up to Yosemite for stunning views of wilderness, or over to the Mojave for almost alien-looking landscapes.

Something for Everyone

It’s almost mindboggling how much is contained in just one state. It boasts both the oldest and tallest trees on the planet, the highest peak in the contiguous US, and the hottest ground temperature ever recorded (201°F in Death Valley to be exact). In the Golden State you can surf in the morning, ski in the afternoon, and hike through the desert at sunset. You can go rock climbing, see a rodeo, and top it off with a red carpet premiere. (Though we admit traffic might make that a bit of a challenge.)

A Collection of Cuisines

The variety of offerings also extends to what you can eat. The food alone might be worth establishing residency – San Diego’s Mexican cuisine, the Cantonese food in San Francisco’s Chinatown, and the sushi in the San Fernando Valley are all among the best in the US. Los Angeles has a food truck for just about everything.

Our Passion for Diversity

At the core of our love for California is the passion we have for diversity, and that extends to much more than just the climate and cuisine. We’re a state made of immigrants. Not just from other countries, but from all across the US as well. This has led to an amazing mix of cultures that you can’t find anywhere else. It’s created a population that’s bold, ambitious, and wildly interesting. Our favorite part of California is the people – everyone here has a story, and we want to hear them all.

Proud to Be Californian

From our first pair of jeans in San Francisco to our current operations in Los Angeles’ storied fashion district, RPMWEST has always been a Californian company. We do our best to put the spirit of our state into everything we make, and we’re honored to call California home.

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