Care & Wash


How to take care for your denim and extend the life of your jeans.

Pre-washed or Raw?

It's important to distinguish between pre-washed jeans and raw denim. Pre-washed jeans already look and feel worn in when you buy them. They might already have whiskers and fading on the thigh and do not need extra special treatment. Just wash them infrequently, insight out, on a cold cycle in your home laundry.

Now to our raw denim. This is what we are focused on and it's all together different. Raw denim has NOT been washed after being treated with indigo dye. It will age, mold and conform to your body and only get better with age. It will produce natural fades and will make your jeans uniquely yours.


We all launder our clothes but when it comes to raw denim time is on your side. Wait as long as possible for the first wash. At least 6 months if you can stand it. Until your first wash please spot clean light stains with a damp cotton towel and a light amount of gentle soap (more on that later). You can reduce odor by airing them outside and giving them an occasional treatment of antibacterial spray.


At some point you'll have to wash your jeans. We always recommend hand washing your jeans:

  • Turn your jeans inside out
  • Fill a bowl or bath tub with tempered water
  • Add a small amount of Doctor Bronner's castile soap
  • Let the jeans soak (Note: Don't rub or wring them in the water or you'll interrupt the natural fades)
  • Leave them in the water for 30 minutes
  • Rinse the jeans in fresh water 


It's important that you do not tumble dry your raw denim. It will shorten your raw denim's inseam and lifespan considerably. Instead…

  • Use a clean towel to roll your jeans into. That will catch any dripping dye.
  • Turn the jeans the right way and straighten them out
  • Hang them on a rack or clothing hanger
  • Let them dry overnight


Wear your denim often and wash them as infrequently as possible. After each wash your jeans might feel a bit tighter than usual. Trust us, they will stretch and conform to your body in no time.